Mission and Cross-Cultural Resources

Here, we feature mission articles and other useful resources.

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Title First Name Last Name Language Article_Summary Theological Orientation World Area Interest Area Download File
Does God Heal Today? James Tino Lutheran None Specified Exegetical File link is at the top of this page
Christmas Visits James Tino English 3 short Bible studies for Advent: Gabriel meets Mary (in Luke); An Angel visits Joseph (in Matthew); and, Mary visits Elizabeth (in Luke) Lutheran None Specified Unclassified File link is at the top of this page
How to Prepare and Lead a Bible Study James Tino English Advice on preparing for a study, leading a group, and example questions & outlines Unclassified North America Leadership File link is at the top of this page
Urban Characteristics and their Impact on Urban Evangelism and Church Growth James Tino English There is a great need for new understandings of the urban dynamic, so that these can be applied to the urban evangelistic task. This paper is offered as an initial contribution toward that endeavor. Unclassified North America Evangelism File link is at the top of this page
The Afro-Caribbean Religious Experience James Tino English Afro-Caribbean religions have become a major ‘player’ in the religious marketplace in the Western hemisphere and beyond. What is the nature of these religions? What are the beliefs and practices that unite or divide them? What is their ... Unclassified North America Adaptation File link is at the top of this page