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Does God Heal Today?

by Rev. Dr. James Tino

(loosely based on a script of a talk by Rev. Nicky Gumbel, “Alpha”, session 12)


Of all of the abuses and exaggerations that the Christian church is known for today, the biggest one has to be related to healing. Who hasn’t seen a parody of a TV preacher who calls people forward, puts a palm on their head, and cries, “Be healed!” Then the person falls to the floor, and claims to have been healed. That type of dramatic healing is most often associated with a branch of the Christian church known as “pentecostalism”, and the people who practice it are known as “pentecostals”.

Most people who would observe a healing on a stage by a “faith healer” would doubt whether or not the person was actually healed, or if it was just a set-up. I have personally witnessed some similar situations where a person was supposedly healed on a stage in front of a gathering of Christians, and later found out that it was all ...


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