Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of articles can I submit?

The Mission Place seeks articles from Christian mission practitioners: pastors, church leaders, and especially missionaries!  Anything that you have written or produced that would be helpful to someone else in their ministry.  We are especially interested in resources for people who are in cross-cultural ministries.


Can I submit something I wrote that was already published?

No – not unless The Mission Place has on file authorization from the publisher.


Can I submit another kind of resource – something that is not an article?

Absolutely!  Things like Bible study outlines, TEE courses or curriculums, cultural notes, evangelism methods or ideas, and so on are extremely helpful to missionaries.


Can I submit something that someone else wrote?

All submissions need to be done by the author or creator of the resource.  If you are not the original author or creator, The Mission Place needs to have written authorization on file from the original author or creator before we will make the resource available.


The Mission Place takes seriously the issue of “plagarism”.  As Christians, it is our collective responsibility to give credit where credit is due.  Do NOT claim other people’s work as your own!


Do I retain ownership of my material?

Yes!  The Mission Place is not a “publisher”.  Your material remains your own.  You can request to have any of your resources removed from the website at any time.


Will I make any money on this?

The Mission Place is a not-for-profit enterprise.  Once a resource passes a “popularity threshold”, there is a small fee for each download of that resource.  The fee is US$1 per download.  We will share the fee with the author 50/50. 


How much will I get paid?

You will get paid based on the number of times your article was downloaded in a month at a rate of 50 cents per download.  The minimum payment is US$50 (100 downloads).  If your resource is not downloaded 100 times or more in one month, you will not get paid in that month.  Your download total will continue to accumulate until it passes 100.  You will get paid in the month that your download total passes 100.


How do I get paid?

You will be paid via Paypal.  You MUST have an active Paypal account in order to get paid.